Treating Mental Illness: It’s a Balance

This week I was invited to give a presentation to the students at Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy in Lindon, Utah in an assembly introducing their combined HOPE Week and Service Week. I chose to speak on what it means to balance living with a mental illness – especially creating a balance between 1. Not ignoring mental illness when it shows up in our experience, but also 2. Not letting it be the only thing that we focus on when it does show up.

The statistics for middle school and high school students nationwide regarding mental illness and suicide demonstrate how relevant an issue this is for our time, and how important (at least from my perspective!) it is to de-stigmatize these types of challenges so that we can better support each other and develop the public attitude that help seeking is okay – and important! – when mental health challenges arise.

Thanks for having me, students and faculty of Maeser!

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